Chapter Policies and Bylaws

The USGBC Montana Chapter is committed to honesty, openness, and transparency.  Adhering to this guiding principal, we have provides quick and easy access to the Chapter bylaws and strategic plan, below.  We can provide access to meeting minutes, accounting records, Chapter Charter, Conflict of Interest and Antitrust Policies, or any other Chapter governance documents upon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

USGBC Montana Chapter Strategic Plan (PDF)

USGBC Montana Chapter Bylaws (PDF)

USGBC Montana Guiding Principles:

(excerpt from the strategic plan)
Guiding Principles provide the foundation upon which the work of the organization stands and the reservoir of intent and imagination out of which its strategy grows. They also serve as touchstones by which the USGBC Montana Chapter evaluates the success and integrity of its work both inside and outside of the organization.

  • Promote the Triple Bottom Line
    USGBC will pursue robust triple bottom line solutions that clarify and strengthen a healthy and dynamic balance between environmental, social, and economic prosperity.
  • Establish Leadership
    USGBC will take responsibility for both revolutionary and evolutionary leadership by championing societal models that achieve a more robust triple bottom line.
  • Reconcile Humanity with Nature
    USGBC will endeavor to create and restore harmony between human activities and natural systems.
  • Foster Social Equity
    USGBC will respect all communities and cultures and aspire to an equal opportunity for all.
  • Maintain Integrity
    USGBC will be guided by the precautionary principle in utilizing technical and scientific data to protect, preserve and restore the health of the global environment, ecosystems and species.
  • Ensure Inclusiveness
    USGBC will ensure inclusive, interdisciplinary, democratic decision?making with the objective of building understanding and shared commitments toward a greater common good.
  • Exhibit Transparency
    USGBC shall strive for honesty, openness, and transparency.