Continuing Education (for LEED-AP's)

If you are a LEED AP who has enrolled in credential maintenance (or if you have passed the LEED GA exam or a LEED specialty exam), congratulations - your credential represents valuable knowledge and commitment to sustainable design. Now it's time to fulfill your continuing education hours. Here are a few resources that could help you accomplish your goals:


Annual Chapter Summit

If you attend the 2015 USGBC Montana Annual Summit & Green Building Conference, you can report your participation for LEED Credential Maintenance. To report CMP activity, log in to My Credentials at

All conference activities* should be categorized under the “live presentations” activity delivery method. Live presentations carry a cap of 5 units, though attendees may submit more, but be prepared if GBCI does not accept all of them. According to the CMP 2011 guide (PDF), presenters can count twice the CEU's of the presentation. This is also a "live presentation" activity, but presenters get twice the credit per hour of course as attendees.

 *Volunteer work for the conference on can be reported as Stakeholder Involvement in Innovation.